Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I hit that next big milestone today at my weigh-in. I have lost 25.8 pounds! I am halfway on the weight loss path to the weight I was in college when I felt really good, then I have another 5-10 pounds for my lifetime goal. It's all very exciting! I have been averaging 5 pounds per month almost exactly. If I kept that consistent, it would take me exactly a year to get where I want to be. Right now, given that summer is approaching, I am most excited for the little a new swimsuit! I won't be in bikini shape at that point (not that I would wear one anyway), but going back to a 2 piece is a thrilling prospect. Woo!


  1. Hey, congrats there, Lady! I wish I could dig some motivation out of my brain somewhere. I just get sucked into yet another episode of Law and Order and my motivation retreats back to somewhere behind the amygdala, I think. (Mostly I just wanted an excuse to say "amygdala.") Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the positivity! I have been at that "I should be motivated but I'm not" phase lots of times...this time it just stuck and I have a fire under my ass. It's a great feeling, but it has to come from within. Of course, if you are looking for motivation and I can help, just say the word!