Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 2.42 miles in 37m:00s using Endomondo."

I was really worried about running today. Monday I went and overdid it and had really painful shin splints come back. I had been flying through every run until that one. It felt like I hit a wall and all the old doubts came back- can I really do this? What if I can't go past this point in my running development? What if it goes back to hurting every time and I have to quit? All the same, I went out today and did the same amount of time as Monday, but slowed the pace a little...and did just fine. I am really glad that worked out. I was really not motivated to run earlier- my stomach was aching, I was tired, etc. But I think, while those things are very true, that I manage to work myself up on the inside if I don't want to work out for some reason, so it makes the other issues suddenly a bigger deal.

But here is where more of the personal growth comes in. Old Me would have succumbed to personal pressure and just said 'forget it' and laid on the couch. New Me, on the other hand, tells Old Me to suck it and gets off her ass even if she doesn't particularly want to. If I had an actual serious injury that'd be a different situation, but I stretched out, didn't push too hard, and still managed to get a good work out. The best part is that while I am stretching post-work out as I write this, the shins are doing okay. :-)

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