Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Records Galore! And a Cool Thing.

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 3.11 miles in 31m:22s using Endomondo."

Record 1: I broke the 30 pound mark today! I have lost 31.2 pounds in the last (almost exactly) 6 months. I am just over halfway to my goal and still on track to reach it in a total of a year's time. At that point I will be in better shape than I ever have in my life. As it is, I am already under the weight I've been since moving to Spokane in 2005. Wow!!!

Record 2: My new5K time tonight was 31:22, giving me a 10:05 minute mile for 3.11 miles. Inching closer to that goal of under 10 minute miles, then shortly after that is the under 30 minute 5K. Yeah!

Cool Thing: Mike took me out to celebrate my victories. I picked Izzy's- sounds bad, but if you load up on salad and veggies and moderate yourself in pizza, it's not a bad option! Anyway, we noticed that all over the restaurant there were signs posted about caloric content in each of the dishes. Our server told us that it was now required by law for all restaurants to post their calorie info. I love it! That makes making informed choices sooooo much easier!

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