Monday, May 16, 2011

All Kinds A Record Breakin!

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 1.71 miles in 16m:19s using Endomondo."

I am feeling a little tired out today and was not up for a 5K. Also I was bored with doing the same route so many times. So I figured, how about shortening the route and really pushing to see if I can improve my time? Remember a few days ago, when I made a new mile time record for myself? It was 10:08. Keep in mind the only times I've really timed my full on running mile since starting this have been during 5Ks, so I knew those wouldn't be my fastest. Today I chose a route that was 1.71 miles and pushed myself harder. The result? I averaged 9:33/mile! And even more amazing (to me anyway) is that I clocked my first mile at 9:20! Damn, I didn't know going for shorter distances would make that much of a difference. After my race next week I am going to take a few days to just run a mile and see how fast I can go.

Biggest yay of the day is still finding the energy to actually go out and run. Tell myself it's okay if I don't do the full 3.11. That doesn't mean I'm not living up to standards.

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