Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Expected

Endomondo Running Workout: "was out running 2.81 miles in 30m:34s using Endomondo."

First off, the weigh in today. I thought of it as an experiment- I have done pretty well this last week, but since the day of the weigh-ins were moved recently, we now weigh in on the same day I start my period. So once a month, I wonder how that will be reflected on the scale. Today I weighed in at.....exactly the same as last week.

It's disappointing, but I will stick with the idea I have been this whole time- do the best I can, and just accept that my body is really weird. I am often surprised in one way or another when I weigh in, so I have kind of given up on trying to guess. All the same, I expected better this week.

Today's run was also quite difficult for me. I am up to running 15 minutes, walking 1, then running another 15. I thought my legs were going to give out at one point, but fortunately they stuck with me. I have had this weird thing happen to me on rare occasions over the years when I am doing something very physically demanding- it's almost what I imagine an asthma attack would be like, where I suddenly can barely breathe and have a hard time balancing my breathing back out. What I've realized from the last couple of times, however, is that it's entirely psychological. I can work through something physically challenging, but when my mind starts thinking I can't do it or it's too hard, I start to panic and this thing happens. The last couple of times it has started I have actually managed to make it stop before it got to be a big deal. It started to happen again today, but I was able to call it off and keep on running.

I'm nervous about Friday's run- it's a big jump from 15 minutes to 18. Wish me luck.

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